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Who is Uncle Phil?

Everyone needs a favorite uncle, now you have one, too!
of trusted handicapping experience.
minimum a week during the season researching and watching games.
Top football handicapper in the business

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“Great analysis uncle Phil”
Rory Sr
“Thanks unc, this is great info”
Nick Carbonaro
“Amazing analysis, thank you Phil”
Taylor Schnell
“Thank you Uncle Phil. This is an espn worthy breakdown. I was @ that game vs the bears. He’s not the same”
“Unk is legit. He’s the most consistent one I see.”
Manny Fresh
“5-1 since yesterday! Great Week! Thanks uncle Phil”
Archie U
“Clean sweep for uncle Phil, nice work my friend”
Sam Reed
“You nailed it all including your leans…”
Gunner Mack Jr
“All you do is make me money”
“Thanks for the explanation. Makes me feel comfortable with my bet.”
Austin Vogt
“Man all season long I have been playing your teasers!! Thank you for real for the content you provide! Win or lose I’ve never complained because I understand the ups and downs of sport betting! Appreciate UNC!!”
“Unc two sweaty winners love it”
Todd Lerfondler
“In Unc we trust!!”
Bradley D. Briner
“Drop it like it’s hot Uncle Phil”

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Who is Uncle Phil?

I have 37 years of professional handicapping experience. Whatever mistakes you’ve made, double them for me. Fortunately, I made them early in my career and they didn’t blow me out of the water – instead, I learned from them and you get to benefit from the mistakes I made without the pain of making them. Subscribe today so we can both beat the man together!

What are the keys to Uncle Phil’s sports betting success?

I take a disciplined approach playing “under the radar games”. I play games where I see advantages and mismatches where the Public hasn’t yet fully appreciated the gift Vegas has given us that week. That being said, I also play “center stage prime-time” games as long as I see a mismatch that the Public doesn’t. Join and subscribe today so we can both win together!

What is Uncle Phil’s approach to making picks?

Similar to stock investing, there are two types of approaches when handicapping games: Technical Analysis and a Fundamental Approach. I take into consideration both ways when looking at games, but rely heavily on the Fundamental Approach. I only handicap games where I have watched the two teams play – except at the first of the year where I start slow and only recommend games of teams that I have researched heavily. Start slow and build your roll is my motto. Subscribe today and let’s build our roll together!

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